25 February , 2017 Saturday
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Mangaluru, Karnataka: Students of The Yenepoya School enjoyed demonstration of
Wushu – which is well known as the name of ‘Chinese Kung Fu’
On July 7th and 8th, Demonstration of Wushu – Chinese Kung Fu was held at The Yenepoya
School by Japan origin martial artist, Haruka Ito.
Haruka Ito is from Japan, stay in Mangaluru since February 2012. She was Wushu Taolu
player in Japan for 20 years, has experiences of teaching more than 10 years in Japan,
now in India also for 2 years. She was Gold Medalist at All Japan Wushu Taijiquan
Championship, All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Tournament and Hong Kong International
Wushu Festival. She would like to dedicate to teaching and developing Wushu in India.
Haruka Ito has given demonstration of Changquan(Long Fist) and Nanquan(Southern Fist)
to The Yenepoya Schoool students. Movie star Jet Li was a Changquan player also before
he had become actor. One kind of Nanquan category’s event had gone to Japan and had
changed to Japanese Karate actually.


In India, Wushu is a recognized sport by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Indian
Olympic Association. ‘National Games 2015 Kerala’ has included Wushu event also.
Haruka Ito comments; “Wushu practice is very effective to develop the strength of children,
and children can set their aim for the exbition tournament also. I want to share the joy of
any benefits through Wushu practice, including to publish Taolu(Exbition Form Player) for
the competitions, like State Championships etc.
The achievement at competitions is not the all, just a part of our life. However, participating
competition with sincere modesty mind always teach us keeping to efforts is really
important for all activities in our life. Wushu teach me the LIFE itself”, Ito says.
About Haruka Ito: Chinese Wushu(Martial Arts) Performer and Wushu Coach
The Gold Medalist of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival in 2005/2007-2009.
Reference about Wushu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wushu_(sport)
Ms.Haruka Ito, Director at AINA Business Promotions Pvt Ltd.
Mob: +917760643305
Room 102, 1st Floor, Vishwas Spring Field, Upper Bandore, Mangaluru 575002 INDIA

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