No child should play Blue Whale Game, advises 17 year old survivor

An innocuous-looking link on Facebook got a 17-year-old girl from Jodhpur in Rajasthan entangled in Blue Whale Challenge trap.

The girl, who was lucky to survive two suicide attempts, told DH: “I was online on my mobile and Facebook and a few other websites were logged on and suddenly I received an invitation to download Blue Whale game and I did.”

The survivor claimed that she had heard about it but was handling it herself for the first time. “I downloaded and kept surfing and completing the tasks,” she added.

In the last phase of the game, the administrator asked her to commit suicide in order to save her mothers life. He gave four options– 1) Jumping into a water body; 2) hanging on a ceiling fan; 3) consuming poison, and 4) getting laid over a railway track. “I took the first option and preferred to jump into the lake,” she added.

When told she could have avoided getting into the trap, she only said: “The administrator said if I did not kill myself they will kill my mother. So I decided to commit suicide to save my mother. But I thank my stars and people who rescued me.”

The girl, who was discharged from the hospital on Thursday after treatment, said: “I was stupid that I fell into the trap but my request is that no one should download the game because one gets hooked on to it and it becomes difficult to withdraw from it in the middle.”

The girl, the daughter of a BSF jawan, was treated by Dr K R Daukiya and he had requested the DH correspondent not to ask probing and irritating questions as she was coming out of depression. The doctor said the girl was normal now and had overcome from the scary game.

“We have advised her parents to give her emotional support and be little more vigilant. The girl first jumped into the lake and was rescued and the second time she had taken overdose of sleeping pills.

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