War over a single rasgulla leads to wedding being called off in Uttar Pradesh

Indian weddings are about feasting and hospitality. Both the bride and groom’s sides go to extremes and there are times when fights erupt between the two, especially, over the food menu chosen for the D-Day.

But can you imagine a wedding being called off over food. Well, that’s exactly what happened at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh.

The wedding was tragically called off after a fight broke out between the bride and groom’s side over ‘one extra rasgulla’.

According to a report in DNA, the marriage was to be solemnised on April 14 in Kurmapur village of Unnao district, about 70 km from Lucknow. Shiv Kumar (25) was about to get married to a girl from the nearby Kurmapur village.

The ‘baratis’ reached the venue and all was going wel. But it all started going downhill once it was dinner time.

One relative from the bride’s side was appointed to supervise at the sweetmeat counter. He was instructed to serve one rasgulla to every member of the groom’s side. Not knowing this ‘rule’, one of the groom’s cousins took two rasgullas, which infuriated the relative of the bride’s. He got into a big argument with the errant relative of the groom’s and it escalated from there.

A wedding in Uttar Pradesh was called off for a war over one rasgullas!

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In no time, the wedding venue turned into a battleground with members of the groom’s family beating up the bride’s relative.

The bride and the groom’s fathers tried to calm the warring factions down, but in vain, the report noted.

The ‘baratis’ even thrashed the bride’s father.

Following the ‘war over the rasgulla’, police had to be called to pacify the situation. The Panchayat was also called to sort out the matter and resume the wedding ceremony.

However, this did not happen!

The girl having watched the entire episode from the rooftop was infuriated that her father had been beaten up and refused to marry. Both sides pleaded with the girl, but to no avail.

A complaint has been lodged by the bride’s father at Achalganj police station and police officials are now investigating the matter.

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